How to Become Amazon Vendor And Start Selling Your Products (Amazon Vendor Express)

Want to sell your product on Amazon? is the biggest and world largest market place to buy good quality productproducts from, the website operating internationally. Millions of people worldwide make purchase on daily. The truth remains that some of the products you see on amazon website are not all owned by amazon itself but consist of other vendors products from different countries.

how to start selling on amazon

You can start selling your products easily on without any stress or having to create a website, all that is required is to join amazon vendor express. On this post we will show you how you can join amazon vendor express and how to sell on amazon to start making lot’s of money making more sales on amazon.

How to Become Amazon Vendor And Start Selling Your Product in US (United State)

With Amazon Vendor Express, you can start selling your products to Amazon and expose them to hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. According to, they buy products directly from vendors and handles shipping costs, merchandising, customer service, and customer returns.

To become a vendor on Amazon they requires that you own the intellectual property rights for the products you sell to Amazon. If you do not own these rights, your products may still be eligible for other Amazon programs, as long as your products do not violate any third party’s intellectual property rights.

The benefits of becoming a vendor on Vendor Express include:

  • No annual charge to join or participate in the program.
  • Products appear to customers as Sold by Amazon.
  • Free shipping from your warehouse to Amazon or directly to Amazon customers.
  • Product storage and order handling.
  • A direct fulfillment option so that you can ship directly to Amazon customers with prepaid shipping.
  • Products are eligible for Prime and free shipping to customers over a standard order threshold.
  • Access to Amazon Marketing Services and selling enhancements.

Before you start selling on amazon, they may sometimes request a minimum sample of free units of your product so that they can evaluate the demand from amazon customers before placing an initial purchase order. After your product sells, they may start issuing purchase orders. They will request a limited number of samples as an investment in the program.

How to Register Amazon Vendor Express

You can create a new account or sign in with your personal Amazon customer account email address and password. However, we recommend that you set up a new account for Vendor Express. If you already have a Vendor Central account, the email address you use for it will not work with Vendor Express.

To setup an account on Vendor Express:
Visit . Enter the following:

  • The business name, business email address, US business address and phone number
  • Your US bank account information.
    Note: You can choose to add this information later, but your account cannot be approved until this information has been verified.
  • Your tax ID or Social Security Number (you can choose to add this later).
  • Your primary warehouse address if you want to send your products directly to customers.
  • Add your products.

All new Vendor Express accounts will undergo a review period. This period should be completed within five business days. However, some products may take up to 14 business days to review from the initial submission date.

During this period, your access to some Vendor Express features may be limited and you will not receive any purchase orders. No action is needed from you during the review period. If we need any additional information to approve your account, we will contact you directly.

This is how you sell your product on amazon. If having any difficulties use the comment box below to ask us any question related to this post.

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